Thank you team!

Wow. Addysons team pulled together and made her night. They presented her with a fighter /Addyson strong shirt and all the teammates have “my friend is a fighter” shirts. They were adorable and came at the perfect time with all this mitochondrial stuff and all these 504/IEP meetings

Now that all Addysons labs are in we are just waiting for her dr to call and say how much of the mito cocktail she needs. We hope to start this before Christmas. We also hope to start her IV infusions soon. This will be every 2-3 weeks. Her labs are showing some issues with absorption so we are hoping the added vitamins will help her energy levels. She gets fatigued so quickly lately.

We have our 504 to transfer to IEP discussion tomorrow — Hopefully it goes smooth

Ethen got to skate with Ovi this week and he loved it!!! He started a new chart at school today so we shall see how that goes.

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