Another one of those crazy days

So here we are back at Hopkins admitted to 10s room 17. Addyson is currently asleep after a long day. She woke up with a very swollen stoma, decreased output and cramping. We consulted with her surgeon and gi – both who said bring her to the emergency department. So we came. When we first got here they were prepping for surgery. Her surgeon made the call to see if we could manually decompress. Ouch!!! It was painful for her but she tolerated it. However it’s already swollen again and she’s still cramping really bad. Gi diagnosed her with sibo again so she was immediately restarted on antibiotics. Things halted for a minute when we discussed her new o.r. Protocol due to her newer diagnosis. Things may change tomorrow. Who knows. The plan is only the plan for that time until the next hiccup so with her we never know. Hopefully we know more by midday tomorrow.

Thank you to family and friends who checked in, called her, brought food and helped us juggle both kids. We truly appreciate it.

One thought on “Another one of those crazy days

  1. Love you Addyson
    Stay strong
    You are a very brave , strong little girl. You can handle more than you think.
    Mommy stay calm, you got this.
    We are here in anyway we can help.
    Love you both


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