Today we went skiing. The kids has an absolute blast.

We got to the ski slope and Addyson bag started leaking….and guess what. We left the ostomy book bag in the car. We were all so excited to ski that for a moment we didn’t think about the ostomy. We get inside and the bag won’t stay shut. Randy ran her over to first aid and they gave us a roll of tape!!! Crisis averted! She said to me in the bathroom. This is going to be so embarrassing to go to first aid. I said no it won’t be. You are super brave and really strong and all we need is some tape. She did it. We get home and it’s leaking. Back to reality. Fighting with this bag. At least everyone had a blast skiing

Thanks to Amy and Savannah for coming to her competition. We greatly appreciate it. Thanks to all those who checked in to see how her bag did after a few days of issues. We will get back to them sticking eventually 😉

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