Home hospital teaching

Addyson had her first session of her weekly appointments with her tutor. Her tutor is her 2nd grade teacher so that helps. We determined that we will start with once a week with the ability to add another night and continue through the simmer.

Overall I think this will help Addyson with her math disability and work to boost her confidence. She is picking up on the math it’s just taking longer and she’s rushing so she’s making careless mistakes. Overall I think tonight’s session went really good.

Home hospital teaching is never easy. We are always playing catch up from what she missed due to appointments. It’s a huge juggle in schedules for the teacher and for medical appointments but we are determined to make it work. She is trying so hard to improve her grades.

This week we have dermatology, cardiology and a 24hr eeg for Addyson. Then Monday we have a big appointment with the autonomic dysfunction clinic! Fingers crossed we get some good answers

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