3 appointments in 3 days

Today Addyson had her dentist appointment. She had some cavities she had to get filled. We did it without the laughing gas. It wasn’t super easy but she toughed it out. The dentist today was so good with Addyson. She told her you are brave and have had more medical procedures done by age 8 than most have through adulthood. She said you are super brave and strong and I need you to know that. She spoke calmly and gentle to Addyson.

She fell at school today flat on her back off the juggle gym. She’s having some pain and discomfort. I’m trying alternating ice and heat and tried Motrin. We are waiting to see if she gets any relief. I feel bad. The fall happened around 1 and so far she’s still complaining. 😞

Tomorrow we have a follow up with her neurologist and then Wednesday with her Neurogenetics doctor. Hoping those appointments all go well.

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