Infusion day / EEG nightmare

Eeg hook up

So yesterday we drove down for Addysons eeg hook up. All seemed fine. We got home and the machine wouldn’t work. We called and troubleshooted. It just wouldn’t work. We all ended up that doing the eeg inpatient will be best so we disconnected her and went to softball practice. Practice went great.

Then today we came back down for her infusion and to return the eeg machine. After multiple attempts to get the Iv in the nurses paged the Iv team. The Iv team got it right in. Addyson got a special surprise from a friend who came to sit with her during her infusion. Things like this make there 5hr process go much faster. They played games, read books and went to the rock garden.

While waiting for her infusion we met a great dad and daughter who were also here for an infusion. Come to find out Addyson was very similar to his wife with her bowel issues.

We talked to our home healthcare folks and all her NG supplies will be at the house tonight so we can get that going which means today might be her last Iv infusion!!!

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