Telechat with the team

So over the past week we have had a few telechats with Addyson team. I have found it is much easier to do with psychiatry and psychology than her colorectal team. Just very different types of appointments.

Overall through this quarantine the kids have been doing well. They have done school work, played games, spent time outside and enjoyed each other. They have not really fought much which has been nice. 😊

They got a cookie decorating kit yesterday which was fun. The each decorated them and they were delicious.

we had a teleconference with Addysons colorectal team today. They said we need to repeat some tests (pretty invasive tests and another o.r. Trip). After that we can decide on which option is best but three were given. none sound perfect so again lots of decisions.

We bumped Addysons overnight eeg to April 14-15). Just don’t want her in patient right now if she doesn’t need to be.

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