Addysons admission to the neuro floor

We got Addysons latest test results. We will be making some med changes and re evaluating over the next four weeks. Addyson has expressed that she is afraid of making this med change. We told her we understand it’s scary and that we are a little unsure about it too but we have all the measures in place to monitor her. We will tackle this with her.

We are also still waiting for a conversation with her gi. Hopefully tomorrow.

Since a few have asked how it was being admitted with the covid crisis here’s what I will tell ya—

Being admitted to the hospital during the pandemic has been one of the craziest experiences we’ve ever had.

The COVID-19 restrictions are very extensive.

They are screening every person who comes through the door, every time they enter and all nurses and doctors are in full protective gear.

Only one person is allowed to be upstairs at a time, thankfully they still allowed this because we never leave her unattended

None of the patients are allowed out of the rooms and the parents are encouraged to not come and go.

The doors had to stay closed.

The family break rooms aren’t allowed to used

We are so glad we got to go home and that hopefully we won’t have to be readmitted till covid is over. We know we have a June admission coming up. Hopefully things will be more “normal” then because she will be having surgery and it will be a week long stay.

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