Crazy day. Addyson was dumping non stop form her ostomy. I tried to replace fluids. She was dumping faster than we would replace. I spoke to her gi and her pediatrician and he said to take her in. We went to a local er per the advice of our pediatrician to try not to expose her to covid downtown. The er dr looked at her and said she needs to be transferred downtown. She said they weren’t equipped to handle her care.

At Howard County General they tested her for covid and ran a bunch of labs.

We got the transfer to Hopkins.

Here is what we know so far. She is being admitted. She has a fever, is still dumping and has thrown up multiple times. Still waiting on some labs and imaging results.

Being in the hospital during all of this covid stuff is so scary. The nurses don’t even come in each time. They are triaging from the phone and then doing some routine checks this way. Addyson knows how to go from good to bad fast. It’s crazy.

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