Feeling better

Someone is feeling better. After needing multiple bags of fluids and restarting NG to see if she could tolerate.

This is the crazy rollercoaster with this girl. Sunday she was fine. Then Monday she’s dumping from her ostomy. She was dumping more than we could replace so we knew Iv fluids were needed to rehydrate. Then while inpatient her Bp plummeted and they called rapid response team. Then today she wakes up like a new girl. Full of energy, ready to take on the world. She ate breakfast and kept it down. She’s rehydrated and tolerating fluids by The NG. We are hoping for a discharge here soon!!!!

This is why we seem like crazy people and say if you have been sick or possible exposed please stay home. A small gi bug lands her inpatient for days. It’s not something she can tackle at home. She gets very dehydrated dry quickly.

Here’s to hoping we stay out of the hospital till her next admission (scheduled for June).

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