Care coordinator

I spoke to Addysons care coordinator yesterday. She called to see how we were doing. How she was with her med supply, etc. we talked about the nocturnal seizures and the ostomy dumping. She commended us for doing so well with Addyson and knowing the signs of infection. She had asked me what they were. I said: fever, chills, vomiting, nausea, and dumping. She said great job on knowing that dumping for an ostomy patient is a sign of infection. She said we are doing very well at juggling all her conditions. She reminded us that Addysons health definitely makes her at a higher risk of complications if she were to get covid. She said make sure you are following the stay at home. I expressed that we are. Minus her inpatient stay we have not gone anywhere.

Honestly all of this covid stuff is so scary but it was nice to hear that we are doing good even though she ended up Inpatient. That we did all we could to try to keep her at home.

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