Mito /psych update

Update on a few things.

Addyson met with her psychologist today after her recent hospital stay. At the end her psychologist chatted with me on where she thinks Addyson is. She said she feels like Addyson finally as a grip on her anxiety. She feels like it is being managed effectively. She said she is fine to see Addyson after each admission and to talk to her prior to any scheduled hospitalizations but is not sure she needs weekly sessions anymore. She said Addyson understands where she is at medically and what is upcoming for this summer. We have worked hard to get here. Mental health is very important

Tomorrow we have an appointment for Addyson with urology and then next week she has an appointment with gi.

We also heard from Addysons Neurogenetics doctor today regarding a few things with her mito disorder. The order for the cooling vest was put in. The mito cocktail has been sent to a compound pharmacy but has not yet gained insurance approval. We were told it might not and we might have to pay out of pocket. We are waiting to hear what that cost is. We also received the emergency room and operating room letters. It was kind of scary to read but now we have it for her next admission.

This evening Ethen added a coding class from code ninja. He loved it and was able to start in the intermediate class. He’s so excited to be learning to code!

Both kids attended their socialable group via the computer so they were able to still have their Thursday session!!

Busy day but productive!!!!

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