Hollister change around g tube

Tonight we had to change the hollister device around Addysons tube Again. Just two more changes before she gets the mini g tube. We can’t wait. She will be so happy to not need this hollister device anymore. She’s running out of room on her stomach between the ostomy and the g tube. Overall her site looks great.

I also talked to a few others moms today who are also struggling with performing medical interventions on their kids. We just want to be moms. We don’t want to be nurses. I get it. I really do. It’s a constant back and forth.

To all the mommas struggling with their emotions while going through the medical journey. Lean on us Lean on the other families that are on the same path. We are here for you.

And someone told me tonight that Addysons NG tube video helped their child place their NG tube. This is what it’s all about. One child helping the other. These kids are so strong and such inspirations to each other.

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