What a nightmare….but there are angels

I have literally spent from 830am -1pm on the phone between blue cross blue shield and Cvs Caremark. It’s insane. No one seemed to be able to provide us the denial letter we need for her mito meds. They said they sent it. We never received it. I asked for them to email it or fax it but they can’t. They are going to remain but it would take 14 days then once we receive we need to get it to the pharmacy so they can appeal the denial. I spoke to the pharmacy just a few minutes ago letting them know the update. They were amazing. The pharmacist said he knows these meds are important so he’s shipping her a month of the meds for free we just need to pay the overnight shipping!!!! It is such a sigh of relief to know she will have the needed meds Friday however it shouldn’t have to be a small local pharmacy figuring it out.

Thank you summit health pharmacy

And bcbs /Cvs Caremark—we need better.

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