Post surgical follow up

Medical ptsd is real! This is what it looks like.

Addyson had her post surgical follow up today. Overall it went well. Her anxiety definitely showed once we were in the room. The nurse was so good with her. The surgeon said overall her stoma is good. The function of it has improved and that was the goal. The g tube site and her muscle biopsy site look good.

Appointment went as expected!

She had no weight gain but also no weight loss

And the best news is:::she can swim now! (That made her so happy)

We need to adjust the times of her meds. Her calcium and mito meds are given twice a day. However they need to be given 2-4 hrs apart. Plus her flagyl needs to be given an hour after these other meds plus her seizure, fever and reflux meds. Just trying to figure out a better schedule.

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