Thank you CHOP surgical team

We have slept in hospital chairs. We have cried from fear and joy. We have made life changing decisions. We have learned all about her condition. We are parents of a medically complex child.

So the last few days have been rough for addyson. Major skin issues near her ostomy. We have tried all the tricks and suggestions from our local team and other ostomy families.

We sent a message to her chop team yesterday. I spoke to them this morning. They suggested we see dermatology so I made an appointment for noon today. That appointment was useless. She told me all the things we were already doing. Chop called back to see what dermatology said at 12:05. I told her. She said that was a wasted appointment (we agreed). She promised they would help. By 2pm they had called in an anti fungal for addyson (to take by mouth). I picked it up and she has already taken it. The dr said his team will follow up with us tomorrow to see how she’s doing.

I love her surgical team at chop. So thankful for them. Hoping this provides her some relief. The site around her ostomy was looking really rough.

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