Differences of bags/wafers

So Addysons skin looks 100times better.

In the mix of trying to heal her skin we realized she came home from chop with a different colored wafer. They had swapped her to the blue wafers she used to use the green.

We didn’t realize the difference between blue and green was such a difference. I decided to put them side by side so we could compare.

The major issue is she would love to wear the green small bag during the day but she has to wear a larger bag at night. If not it’s an instant leak so we need to have two different size bag options but have the same size wafer so that we don’t have to replace the wafer daily.

I added the picture of the coloplast convex because the convex wafers are what she uses only in the hollister brand. She uses convex because they stabilize her stoma better and have lessened her leaks by a lot and allow for longer wear time.

So many options.

We also organized her supplies

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