G tube & brace update

Addysons g tube looks so much better. It’s still irritated but it’s not angry anymore.

Ethen had a good appointment We went to get fitter for smo braces but ended up deciding on an insole instead. It will still adjust his ankle alignment issue but he seems more comfortable in the insole. Dankmeyer saw he carried two fidgets in with him so they went and gave him a small robot keychain. He was sooo excited. He told them thank you so many times. The lady helping him today said she will give him a tour of the 3D printers when we come back to pick up his insoles. Ethens script/order for his insoles/smo braces is a lifetime script due to his joint issue so we can just keep getting refitted as he needs them vs all the new scripts however sometimes lifetime on something like that stops you for a minute. It’s a realization that his joints will always need some type of support. We actually tried a while without bracing and the pain become frequent again and you can just see he still needs them.

We decided on Olive Garden for dinner and Ethen asked for mints. He loves their mints. The server made his day by bringing him a cup full of mints. It’s the small things that make the day so much better!!!!

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