AADP follow up for today

Long day. Overall what we expected. Just another very long clinic day. Our next AADP clinic day we will he staying over due to mito clinic being the next day.

Addyson will be started on three new meds

The hyoscyamine is an antispasmatic that we will give to try and calm her nerves so her eating can pick up. She’s having a lot of issues lately eating by mouth.

The florinef is being used to help her body retain the fluids we are giving her. Her bp was low today and her hr was high. Cardiology was not playing today. She said even with the fluids we need these numbers to be better so she will go on these meds today. We also need to start taking bp before bed.

The third med is for her adhd.

We will also be adjusting her flagyl dose as she’s having some eye issues after taking it daily. They are worried about peripheral nerve damage. We will let them know within the next two weeks if the dose adjustment helps her eyes.

The team ordered some tests so we will get those scheduled.

We got to eat dinner at her favorite restaurant in philly before heading home. She was so happy about that!!

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