Fun weekend away. Kids went fishing, found sea shells, painted pumpkins, and more. Weather was chilly and Rainy (on Friday) but the kids didn’t care they all had fun.

It was fun to sit back and relax for a bit. Addyson had a sleepover with her friend which was nice. We got a few nights of no midnight pump beeping (thanks Jenna). Addyson had a few bag and stoma issues. They were manageable but hits home that even on a fun weekend w a friend it’s bag leaks and feeding pumps.

So thankful for her friends that understand rushing back from an event due to a bag Leak. Thankful for the momma friends that learn how to do our routine so they can help.

We are so happy Addysons stoma sister is home from the hospital (15days earlier than expected)! And we are sending positive vibes to all her other warrior friends who are getting ready to have surgery. We were so relieved to hear that a friend of ours husband did not have a stroke as they originally expected.

Now we are headed back our way for her softball game!!!

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