Aadp clinic update

Addysons gi was informative today. He is running more tests. He wants to rerun her sibo test (he’s thinking she may have become used to the flagyl and it might not be helping anymore) and he wants to rerun the gastric emptying study (I agree with this because I think she’s dumping too fast). He said that sibo causes malabsorption and we know she gets sibo often. He also wants to do a total body sodium test.

He stated that her gi issues are not just in her stomach, they are full gi tract issues (top to bottom) as he put it. He said that just having the ileostomy means 10% of absorption was lost on the date of the surgery. He said that 10% loss has been a setback for her and with autonomic dysfunction and other gi issues she is just steadily declining weight wise. He is going to reach out to the cardiologist to see if there is any wiggle room with maybe decreasing her daily fluid goal. He understands that she has a high volume needed for the autonomic dysfunction but that high goal hurts her from a gi perspective.

We also have to track ostomy output volume for the next few days. If we are loosing more than 500cc in output we have to let them know

He plans to have some answers for us on the 18th.

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