Busy days

Today was another busy day.

I had a drs appointment, then had to go get new glasses, sorted tree drive items, followed by Addysons dr appointment then her tumbling which was followed by her home hospital tutoring. No down time here!

Today we spoke to a surgeon we trust about mals and what would be required if we wanted to proceed. Randy and I had a long discussion about the procedure and we both agreed we are not willing to take the risk. There is a 50% chance she wouldn’t even make it off the table and if she does there is only a 50% chance it will even help. Those numbers are not good. The surgery is very controversial and with those numbers we said we will not be proceeding forward.

We did talk to the surgeon some more about her chest and he said we can do that surgery around age 13 but we need to keep tracking pulmonary function to make sure it stays okay.

Next Tuesday we have a few appointments and then December 3rd and 4th we have more big appointments. This busy days don’t even include the normal appointments with her psychologist and psychiatrist and Ethens psychiatrist or behaviorist.

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