Status quo

Addysons been doing good since returning home from our last chop visit. We have started her on duocal/SoCal along with the extra calories feeds we do depending upon daily intake. I’m hoping these things help her hit an ideal weight.

We just got an email that her smart monitor Seizure alarm is about to expire. It’s time to renew. We are currently looking at a few other seizure alarms. Every year they come out With new ones. We are only looking at ones that work with her watch. We found a new one called seizalarm that looks good.

They are all so expensive but provide us with monitoring overnight which is when she tends to seize so it’s worth every penny.

My parents surprised the kids with a drive through dinosaur exhibit today and Casey cares invited us to a drive through light show the other night. We are enjoying the drive through events!

Ethen decided to have a typical kid injury yesterday and bust his head. I didn’t expect to turn around and see blood pouring out of his head but it was. He handled it well and we got him all cleaned up. He was all worried about his shirt and my clothes since blood was all over them (that was not my concern at all). Surprisingly he didn’t even wake up w a beads you.

Due to the rising covid numbers we have decided to push Addysons urodynamics test and emg to after the new year.

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