And that’s a wrap

Good bye 2020…..hello 2021.

2020 sure has been crazy but even through all the craziness we had some good things happen!!!

-we spent more time outside

-we had drive by parades and participated in drive by parades (We were able to celebrate both kids safely while celebrating their special day). Thank you to each and everyone of you who showed up, sent gifts, and celebrated them.

– we spent time working on teaching the kids the basics (housework, yard work, cooking). We built a swing set. We planted grass.

-we went camping twice!

– we got a new puppy (ace)

– Addyson had surgery (we kissed that NG tube goodbye). She got her ostomy fixed and got her g tube. We made multiple trips back and forth to philly for her medical care, but we stayed safe and have her on a good path which leads us to the next……

– …..we made it 6months with no hospital admission!!!!! (Still can’t believe it but so grateful for it).

– we had our biggest year ever with the tree drive!!! (Thank you all so much, we couldn’t do it without you)!!!

-we (just today) spoke with a dr for over an hour that sounds amazing and is confident he can help Addyson. He understands autonomic Dysfunction. He knows he symptoms these kids have. He understands this syndrome and how it impacts these kids. So today We are holding onto HOPE. He has renewed our HOPE for improvement. We know we may never see a cure but he reminded us to keep fighting. To keep looking. He reminded us how important the network us parents have. We can’t wait to meet him in person.

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