Addyson has a new doctor on her team. She saw him today and will see him again tomorrow. So far it’s been a positive appointment so we are hoping we will continue to see improvement.

While it’s another med it has already shown some positive results so fingers crossed that we continue to see improvement each day. Her bp was super low when we got there and she said her stomach and hip were hurting. After his med her bp came up some, hr stabilized and she said her pain was gone. She gave him 2 👍👍 and was even doing some cheer motions for him.

For the first time In forever she told a dr “thank you for making my stomach not hurt anymore.”

The dr cancelled all his afternoon appointments so he could spend time with her and he cancelled his clinic for tomorrow. His whole staff fell in love with her. They said “she’s so sweet.” He was truly one of the kindest drs we have spoke too. He said if a kid says they are in pain, believe them. He listened to her and answered her questions. It just felt good

His whole goal is to balance her parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system. Fingers crossed that this helps her. That this helps her pain be reduced. that it helps her bowels to wake up. That it helps her whole system communicate more effectively

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