It’s been a while since I updated. Nothing major to report.

Addysons been doing good on her new med from her new dr that focuses on pots and autonomic dysfunction. He’s been great. He checks in often and is just so kind and supportive.

She’s started softball and so far is doing well. We are waiting to see how she does in the heat to really judge the effectiveness of the new approach. We are still working on her weight (trying to increase it).

We are so thankful for coworkers who became friends and picked up her meds while they were in the area for us…. thank you!!!

We put up a library hut. Thanks to all of our friends and family who have donated books

Ethen had a lot of stimming last night. So thankful for those that understand him during those times. I was on the phone with a friend who was so understanding of him saying the same word over and over and over again. It’s been a while since he got fixated like that.

I have a neck injury so I’ve been seeing a chiropractor for that after seeing an orthopedic. Long road ahead with that and lots of pain but hopefully some relief soon.

Randy’s coaching softball!

Overall we are just just busy with appointments, school and therapy.

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