Surgical update

Addyson will have a day of testing coming up: 19 April @CHOP with her gi team. The two test she has to go through that day will be rough but she has done both before and knows that at the end of the day they will be over.

Surgery is scheduled!!!

We have had a few friends asking how they can help. Honestly just send positive vibes for Addyson during the next few weeks for her upcoming tests and surgery. Send vibes that this works and that her ostomy will be able to be reversed. She will be having a three part procedure. Reversal of the ostomy and then Insertion of a tube so we can flush her bowels daily, Botox and her g tube replaced. So we are not back stepping to nothing. We are not ready to do that. Either is her gi team.

The only real expenses we will have while she’s inpatient is food and parking. (Thankfully both of us can stay this time). Ethen will be staying with my parents while randy and I are at the hospital with addyson.

Addyson will have to undergo another covid test. one prior to surgery. She’s had so many covid tests (due to procedure 😞 but hopefully after this no more for a long while.

Addysons wishlist:

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