Best dr = great phone call

Today I received a phone call from Addysons dr down in ga. He wanted to touch base to see how things are going. He always talks to me for a good hr reviewing all her symptoms in detail.

He said that he can’t image the amount of stressors our family has had to face due to Addysons medical needs. He said just knowing that In his office when he first saw her she had a super low bp, High hr, legs turning purple, dizzy, faint, distended stomach etc. he said I can’t imagine the leep of faith it took for us to travel to see him. He said he was blessed with healthy kids but he sees the strength us parents have. He said he doesn’t know if he would have been able to be so strong for 9yrs. He said he sees us and wants us to know that we are doing amazing at seeking the best care possible for our daughter.

He is so impressed with her progress on his med that’s in the trial phase.

We discussed how she’s playing softball multiple times per week in the heat and tumbling without needing breaks. We discussed the improvement with her gastropersis and colonic function. Her stomach is super flat now (no more distension). She overall feels better. She said ga was her best trip ever because of the miracle dr.

We discussed again how she will be dependent on this forever but how if it works then we don’t mind.

This doctor takes time to call me weekly and check in and was genuinely happy about the positive results we are seeing.

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