All Checked in

Addysons all checked in for surgery tomorrow.

Surgery resident just came in and had us sign all the consents.

She’s NPO after midnight.

She’s the first case starting between 7-730 He said expect surgery to be 3-4hrs.

He is going to have the pain team consult on her case.

She is having four things done tomorrow so fingers crossed all goes as planned.

Iv team came and placed her Iv so now we start her overnight hydration (since she’s NPO we can’t use the g tube). poor Iv guide told her how good he was at placing IV’s. He fished and fished and couldn’t get it placed so he said I’m going to have to try again, I messed that one up. She looked at him and said “are you actually going to get this one in?” He said laughing I am going try my best. She said did you get this one. He hesitantly said ehh idk but in the end he got it.

We had some issues with her meds. There is always an issue since she’s on some clinical trial meds. We also had to get her evening and morning meds converted to Iv meds.

We got here at 3 and are just now at 8 getting some what set up. Still waiting for all her night meds.

Lugging all her stuff in
We let her do a thing today. She picked red.

A few folks have asked for her room # Room: 10s room 3

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