Surgery update

As planned Addyson went down for surgery right before 7am.

We discussed all the risks: perforation (this would require another emergency surgery and another stoma for months), infection, possible wound vac, letting the site heal from the inside out etc etc. we trust her surgeon so much but even with the trust these long surgery waits are just so tough. You see all the other parents come and go and your left sitting and waiting.

Her surgery ended right around 1215. Didn’t get back to see her till almost 1

Overall her surgeon was pleased with surgery. He had to remove her appendix and leave the one site loosely stitched it so it can drain but besides that all went as planned.

She had lots of pain they have been pushing ketamine, morphine and Valium. She required some oxygen but besides that she’s ok.

She is having an issue with hives that we are trying to get controlled.

We are waiting for the surgery team to come change her dressing at the incision site.

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