Miss Addyson did good today at home. She spent most of the day resting. We did her flush today with no issues. She’s still having lots of hip pain but slowly getting better. Since coming home yesterday she’s only required pain meds one time so we are seeing improvement.

We are super lucky to have a great medical supply company and we have a very special coordinator there who has worked with us over the past 5 years. She called today to tell me we will have our medical supply shipment tomorrow!!!!

Ethen was super sweet last night. He went in the house and put the dogs outside so addyson could get in without possibly being jumped on. This afternoon after school he laid in her room with her and they watched a movie. He saw her incisions last night and said you are like a warrior Addysons with battle wounds. She said yup …. I am. It’s so nice to see him being such a great big brother.

Thankful to our fellow special needs families who understand this rollercoaster
Hoping it’s years before we have to hand you over to a surgeon again.
For us I guess these are what normal days look like. Our normal is just different.

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