…. And it continues (hearing update)

We continue to roll with the punches.

Addyson had a second hearing test today that showed the same as the first. She has mild to moderate hearing loss. Her epilepsy can be playing a part in the hearing issue. She was also born with an ear pit which can play a part.

We had a few folks say that they didn’t see where she hears different than other kids. The first thing is that we had her hearing now checked three times. She failed all three times. She also isn’t just not hearing correctly but she also isn’t processing the words correctly. This will hopefully help. We know that she can ear. The audiologist explained it like with your eyes and an eye exam. You can see so many rows fine then you get to the row where it’s hard and you can’t see past it. That’s what the hearing test showed. She can hear to a certain level then the hearing loss becomes evident.

She was fitted today for hearing aids. We go on the 7th to pick them up. Our insurance pays a percentage because of her age. When she turns 18 she no longer has hearing aid coverage.

She got to pick a color which gave her some say in the new device. The dr went over how to charge them, when to take them off, what apps will go on her device to control the volume, battery alert and more. She listened very closely and seemed to take it all in.

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