Busted balloon

This girl 🤦🏻‍♀️ that’s all I have to say.

We were supposed to have a chill evening at softball but this girl had other plans. when her tube balloon busted all she kept saying was can I still go to practice. When we told her no she got even more upset. She said I don’t want to let the team down. We are so proud of her for taking her team responsibilities so serious but this has a time limit and needed to be handled quickly.

The surgical team was responsive and very kind upon our arrival. They all agreed that the tube was defective and could have been part of the issue last week. Fingers crossed for a better working tube.

They all said thank you to me for shoving the tube back in and taping it in place. They said if that tract had closed we would be having a major surgery. I said I know hence the reason I shoved it back in
She tried to pull a fast one and told the resident that he was in the wrong room. He said nope no tricks on me today girl. He said I remember you. We just talked about your vacation to gatlingburg last week
She said darn he knows me too well now. We all laughed. He said nice try though. The poor fellow looked like so do we have the right kid?

I have to say Ethen was amazing. He offered without prompting to give her a hug and he went and looked for the right size tube. He even offered to hold her hand or bring her a stuffy. He may have just wanted her to stop crying but hey he was trying and that was so sweet to see!!!

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