Eye appointment

We went to the eye dr today just to get it checked. I needed to know if it was okay or not.

The eye dr was amazing. He explained her tearing issue.

You Have More Than One Type of Tear

Tears are essential to help you see clearly and maintain the health of your eyes. They can also help communicate your emotions. Your body makes three types of tears.

Basal tears are in your eyes all the time to lubricate, nourish and protect your cornea. Basal tears act as a constant shield between the eye and the rest of the world, keeping dirt and debris away.

Reflex tears are formed when your eyes need to wash away harmful irritants, such as smoke, foreign bodies or onion fumes. Your eyes release them in larger amounts than basal tears, and they may contain more antibodies to help fight bacteria.

Emotional tears are produced in response to joy, sadness, fear and other emotional states. Some scientists have proposed that emotional tearscontain additional hormones and proteins not present in basal or reflex tears.

He explained that emotional tears come from a different part of your brain than basil and reflex tears. This is why she makes enough tears to keep her eyes moist but doesn’t cry when hurt. He explained that that duct didn’t connect to her actual eye so it doesn’t produce emotional tears.

He examined her eye. He said she has a laceration of the eye lid and she bruised the crap out of her actual eye ball (I didn’t realize this was possible). He said the redness in her eye will get worse (it will creep further down her eye….and change to yellow before getting better). He said her eye is still very swollen. He said her vision held steady which is good. He said that she does not have a pocket of blood which is good! He said overall she’s very lucky. She said well the scooter won! He laughed he said honey they almost always win when they are against the eye. He said that if anything changes bring her right back. He said the eye can change quick so then next week will be important.

If anyone need a good pediatric eye dr this one is amazing: https://www.annapoliseyecare.com/

We also saw the pediatrician today. He said being a dr in its own is exhausting but he said being a dr during this pandemic is beyond exhausting. He said they are all feeling the fatigue. They are all getting burnt out.

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