Motility & hearing update

Today Addyson had her follow up with her motility dr. This appointment always worries me. He can be stubborn. I believe him and believe he has Addysons best interest at heart but sometimes we just don’t see eye to eye.

Today he listened. He agreed that if Kennedy Krieger’s feeding clinic had a recommendation then we should follow it, so that’s what we are doing. I think this will give her the best start going into the school year

We are removing the boost clear and the duocal and adding in an extra boost plus (so now two a day) plus the liter of pedialyte overnight . Addyson still has a high fluid goal of 2.5liters per day!

And guess what…..she gained!!! She hit 62lbs for the first time ever. They have been wanting her over 60lbs for a year now and we finally hit it!!!!

Then we had to go to Addysons hearing appointment. This went well!!! No major changes. Stay with the hearing aid.

Ethen had his orthopedic appointment at kki yesterday. They said whatever we are doing is working so keep it up!!! They are still recommending his orthotics which we agree with.

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