Recap on last few weeks

The kids got their report cards. I’m very proud of both of them. Ethen has faced a lot of issues so far this school year but his grades are good. He’s even in advanced courses.

Addyson has always been grade levels behind due to all her missed school time due to surgeries and medical appointments. For four years now we have been doing home hospital teaching in the evening. It looks like the hard work is paying off. She’s been working very hard and we are super proud of her

Randy and I got a call the other day from Addysons team stating that she has Moderate Nodular Lymphoid Hyperplasia. Below is a quick google search on it

Heard from gi today. The nodes are benign and we will continue to monitor them closely. Many times they are benign until they aren’t. The gi agrees that this could have been caused by the fact that her colon wasn’t used for years.

We are still waiting for her iron infusions to start & to get her sleep study results from weeks ago (it’s becoming super frustrating) but we know the team is working it. she also has 5hrs of neuropsych testing with kki tomorrow.

We did see dr crews in Georgia a few weeks ago for her dysautonomia and he was super pleased with her and how she is responding to the med. we agreed that while she isn’t “cured” she’s definitely better than she was in February by 60% in most areas.

Ethen loves the new school we toured for him. He’s going to shadow on the 30th and if he still likes it then he will start right after the winter break. We have a 504 / IEP meeting coming up for him in December.

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