Sleep study results

Addysons sleep study results are in. She has been diagnosed with a sleep disorder (a limb movement disorder and non obstructive sleep apnea). We are waiting to hear more from the team on next steps

From what we know at this point her apnea is not obstructive. It’s being caused by incorrect signaling from her brain. her brain is sending a signal saying don’t take a breath. All of her issues tie back to her nervous system dysfunction. It’s one organ system after another 😞

Autonomic Dysfunction affects her whole body. Every organ system. It’s chasing on thing after another.

Also she had neuropsych testing today and the provider said “I definitely saw something abnormal but need a few weeks to score the data.” So let’s just say again: “add it to the list.😞”.

I’m usually very hopeful but tonight I’m defeated.

I’m very thankful for a husband who tackled hours with my at kki today. We are a good team

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