Ethen did not get into the school that we thought was a good fit. We will regroup and figure out another plan. 😞 just feeling very defeated.

Addysons sleep study showed a sleep disorder. Basically she isn’t getting into REM sleep and she’s having some central apnea spells because her brain is not signaling to her lungs to breathe. We talked to her autonomic Dysfunction team and this is dysautonomia. This is how it literally affects every organ system. Kki psychologist who did her neuro psych report said there is something going on with her as well but she hasn’t finished scoring the data yet so that will be a few weeks to get those results.

I feel like the waves just keep crashing. They keep coming in quicker and quicker. I feel like she’s unsafe at night when she’s sleeping but the team agrees that it’s not obstructive apnea it’s a brain communication issue. (Honestly makes me even more freaked out).

We went tonight to visit a friend whose mom just got an ostomy. It felt good to hand Addysons supplies to someone who needs them. It was nice to share our knowledge with her.

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