Neuropsych results

Today we got Addyson’s neuropsych results. Nothing surprising to us.

She has been diagnosed with adhd, anxiety and dycalculia (a math learning disability).

Dyscalculia: An Overview

Yesterday we toured spartek academy for Ethen. He will shadow there tomorrow. Fingers crossed that he has a great day. He will also shadow at bethel on Friday and then we will drop tree drive items off at Kennedy Krieger and then go get the kids second COVID vaccine!!

Next week Ethen is shadowing for two days at the mandala school. This is one of the top three on our list so fingers crossed it’s a good fit.

Randy and I have toured so many schools and reached out to even more than we have toured. We are hoping by the end of next week that we can say “we found the right fit”. It’s extremely difficult. We really didn’t anticipate it being so tough.

Thank you to everyone who helps, listens, let’s us vent, etc we really couldn’t do it all without you.

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