Neurology appointment follow up

Addyson saw her neurologist today. We love him. He understands her type of epilepsy well. Overall it was a good appointment.

He is going to switch her keppra to an extended release dose to try and get better coverage so we won’t get breakthrough seizures. He would rather do that than up her dose. I agree with that plan.

We discussed her reoccurring headaches. He agreed to start her on a daily dose of vitamin B2. If no improvement in 4-6 weeks than we can discuss a different med option. Fingers crossed that the vitamin b2 works.

He said Motrin is better than Tylenol for headaches so we will try to use the Motrin more

He also discussed utilizing the migraine diet for addyson’s headaches.

Migraine and Diet

Migraine in Children

We also talked to her gi about some of her current stomach issues. He wants to rerun the sitz marker test so we will be doing that as soon as the markers arrive.

Looks like addyson’s team is trying to really advocate for her iron infusions because Covid is limiting what procedures are being done. They said we could have to wait until may (which sucks but we understand and will cautiously wait our turn).

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