Day 2

Before heading back to chop for day 2 of appointments with today being a full day in clinic we decided to enjoy the farm this morning

The kids had a great time getting out side and seeing all the animals. Everyone’s favorite is luna, the camel.

Ethen and randy got to go to a harry Potter exhibit today while addyson and i were in clinic.

Clinic day

Clinic went as expected…. Overall we stayed pretty stable. Drs agreed since were pretty stable that we should just stay as we are.

Rheumatology- we believe fevers are flaring again—6fevers in 6 months so we uped her Cholocine.

Gi- Dr agreed to keep everything as it is. He agreed if we are stable then let’s stay stable.

Cardiology- we are waiting on results of her ekg but as long as that’s stable we will stay on the florinef

Complex care- again, status quo. Overall they are pleased with how well she is handling the spike in her heart rate

Ekg & labs- done waiting for results

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