Chkd- pectus appointment

Today we went to Norfolk to meet with a surgeon regarding addysons pectus. We were pleased with the surgeon. He talked to us about when would be ideal to do surgery, what surgery would entail, what the recovery would look like and more. He also presented us with a non surgical option that we opted for. The hopes is that this will get her to a point where surgery won’t be needed! This option however means a 4hr per day treatment till around age 16. We will also be making the trip to Norfolk every 3-6 months. But Randy and I will do anything for the kids and if we can avoid surgery at this point that’s our plan! She doesn’t want to need this surgery so hopefully we can avoid it!

Also for today: thank you to my friend Jill for lunch. It was so great seeing you and catching up!

Rhonda: thank you for watching ethen!

Mom/dad: thank you so much for helping!!

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