Sfn and qsart testing

Today’s appointment was an appointment addysons neurologist wanted us to get back in January but today was the first available appointment.  The neuromuscular Dr noted some abnormal sensory findings in regards to her feelings in her legs. She agrees we should proceed with the testing for both small fiber neuropathy as well as large fiber and complete the qsart test. The testing includes a punch biopsy and EMG. We went ahead and scheduled those, first available was August.

The Dr did say that they are finding that many kids with Dysautonomia are being found to have neuropathy.

More info on qsart testing: https://www.vitalscan.com/dtr_sudo_qsart.html

Addyson then had to go have lab work done and we had to do emissions on the suburban so we got those errands done. After that we met up with a friend of mine from high school, so the kids could play for a bit. That was so nice and a much needed break! It was great to catch up with her.

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