Team impact- gw

She loves these girls…. She’s always looking for them
They made sure she had a purple ribbon too
Watching from the announing booth

We are so thankful for team impact. Team impact is an organization that pairs kids who are chronically ill with a college level sports team. The child becomes a honorary member of the team. Addyson was paired with gw and she’s loving it. Today was the last weekend for them to play at home so we went and watched. She even got to call out “play ball” And do their gw chant with them!

Addyson made the girls bracelets

Gw kept us on our toes. They won both games today but their second game was tied in the last inning with two outs and two stricks on the batter…. But no worries she hit a home run for the win!

Something so simple means so much to us. Anytime she can have a tribe to support her through the medical journey, we appreciate it. This journey can be so isolating but these girls are supportive and Encouraging.

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