My ear: it’s about half way better. Not as retracted but still not 100%. Ent said stay on meds for another 30 days. We are at least headed in the right direction

Update on hip: this past weekend really Aggervated my hip, it was really throbbing today. I think the weather may have played a factor.

Update on addysons appointment and follow up tests: waiting for her Dr to call back but she has a few blood levels that are high and her ultrasound revealed a large cyst so we are waiting for guidance.

Infusion: we did find out that addyson needs another infusion, so now we have to get that scheduled.

Dentist: both kids have dentist and orthodontic appointment tomorrow… Fingers crossed all goes well.

School update on ethen: lots of info thrown our way, and big decisions to make but for now we try to figure out how to make it work.

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