Kki-leg discrepancy

At kki today with miss addyson. Here to see her pain management team.

Update: here’s the scoop from today’s appointment. We need to see another provider maybe two. Pt and possibly a limb difference Dr or a orthopedic surgeon.
Today they identified that addyson has a limb length difference between her right and left leg. We are starting with shoe inserts and pt. We also know that her muscles on that same side are very tight. They don’t feel comfortable doing the nerve block we did last time due to nerve entrapment because this time you can feel how tight the muscles are. We need to try to loosen the ball of muscles and stretch them out (this is where pt comes in). If the leg discpreancy is truly in the hip/leg then we need to see orthopedics. They also discussed meds to help with her nerve pain throughout her body.

Ok…. So all of that is fine, it makes sense I get it. But then they handed me a flyer with books we could read about managing our child’s chronic pain. It felt like a blow to the face. we are aware our child has chronic pain and I feel like we do a good job managing it. I know they were trying to be helpful but today it just didn’t feel that way.

Addyson looked defeated when we left. She just looked like she’s in pain and feels like there’s no relief in sight. I would say she had tears in her eyes but she didn’t cause she can’t cry tears, however I felt like I has enough for the both of us. Sometimes the weight of it all just because a lot. The stress of it is heavy. The never ending “add it to the list” Feeling wears on you.

My mom was super sweet and took addyson to get new sneakers today for her shoe wedge, so that first treatment option had begun! Onto scheduling pt!

chronicpainwarrior #beamingwithhope #chronicallyill #notenoughtimeintheday

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