Past week.. Busy but good

The past week has been busy. Addyson had two Drs appointments which then led into needing multiple xrays and needing to add in another specialist, so now we have an orthopedic for bone length discrepancy. We did find out that her hips are not in alignment and her tibia is actually a different length in each leg. While waiting to meet with the orthopedic surgeon we are using a heel wedge to help off set the length Discrepancy.

We are also at a stand still with her flare testing until the next flare up… which will probably be in about two weeks

Ethen also had an orthopedic appointment this week and needs new orthotics so we have to call and get that scheduled. He also finally weighs 80lbs, which for anyone who knows ethen… Getting from 70 to 80 has been a real struggle!

Ethen also started cycling again this week so he was very happy about that… He loves cycling, although he is very bummed about having to miss states this year.

Addyson got a wheelchair from her team for the days where the flares kick her butt. We went and picked out fabric and paint to deck it out addyson style! (Can’t wait to see it completed, I know it’s gonna look great).

Next week we have addysons appointment with her bowel surgeon just to check in and see how things are going. We also need to discuss the reoccuring ileus she keeps getting

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