Surgical follow up

Today we had addysons follow up with her surgeon. I know it’s odd to still have a surgeon one year post her most recent surgery, however he will follow her for years because he’s also the one who will do her next surgery, which will most likely be her pectus excavatum repair.

Today we discussed how she’s doing bowel wise… Which isn’t exceptional but isn’t awful so we are staying as we were which we will take and consider a win!

We then discussed her leg length discrepancy….he told us we need to see orthopedics and if surgery is needed he can recommend a good orthopedic surgeon. Hopefully what we are doing will be enough and surgery won’t be necessary

We then discussed her pectus surgery… This cannot happen until she’s at the right spot growth wise. Her entire team is tracking this closely. We discussed the risk of the surgery, while also discussing the benefits to it (long term). There are so many risks to fixing and not fixing and finding that sweet spot.

The good thing is we trust our surgeon. He’s done her last 15 procedures… He knows her, we know him. He did remind addyson that’s she’s special (medically), she quickly reminded him that she is aware of this.

We ended with a quick session with his behaviorist who assured us she is acting as any 11 year old should especially one who has a medical history like hers. It’s always nice to know that we are on the right path

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