Addysom had a busy day today.. She had pt, a dentist appointment and then off to Hopkins for a rheumatology appointment and 8vials of blood work.

Got her labs back, multiple ones are abnormal. I’m sure rheumatologist will get back to me soon, especially about a few in particular ones.

Overall the appointment went well. She explained FMF again at the parent level, we discussed her genetic results and the pros and cons of continuing to stay on an immunosuppression med to treat her FMF. She agreed the risk is worth it. If we don’t treat FMF, she can have long-term heart, liver and kidney damaged. She said the effects of not treating would be irreversible, so she agrees with the plan we have had however we have to double the dosage due to all the growing addysons done.

Next busy day of appointments is Friday… Of to chop for aadp clinic!

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