GW signing day

The kids love their GW teams.

Navigating ethens diagnoses has not always been easy. When he was younger, he spent hours per week at ot, pt, aquatic pt and hippo therapy. We have gone through years of dmo suits, smo bracing and more. He has excelled in so many ways. However he still very much benefits from team impact. His team has helped his confidence, helped him overcome new situations and helped him through his recent cardiology appointment.

Addysons, addyson. She’s a hurricane. She is super strong and resilient but needs that confident boost. She’s shy in large groups but team impact is helping her grow and try things outside of her comfort zone. I mean twice now they have had her speaking in front of large groups and she did it with her team mates by her side.

Chronic illness is tough. It doesn’t end. There is no end of treatment date, it’s life long and as with some of addysons diagnoses they are ones that can truly limit her life. It’s scary. It’s something we try not to dwell on, but some days it is just overwhelming. Team Impact has been there for our whole family. Usually after a rough appointment her dad and I were left to try and push her to keep going, remind her that even though we are in the storm of it all, the sun will shine again. But after a recent scary appointment, it was such a blessing to have a whole team to cheer her up. A team that she adores. Girls that take time from their insanely busy schedules but that care so much about her that they drop what their doing to push her to smile and keep moving forward.

GWs one saying is together and we can feel the togetherness from both teams!

We are forever grateful for team impact and the GW softball and swim and dive team! You all are making an impact!

teamimpact #gwsoftball #gwswimanddive

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